America is not the Greatest Country in the World Anymore: Accept It and Do Something About It



The Land of the free, and the home of the brave has lost its edge over the last 100 years, but television shows, movies , and print media continue to portray our nation as the greatest in the world. So many people in our country are under the impression that America is, and always will be at the top of the country food chain, and there is nothing anyone can do to bring us down. While those thoughts often come out of a great sense of pride we feel for our country, we should not let that pride blind us from the fact that our nation is rapidly declining in more ways than one. Some may read this, and think I hate America, but in fact I love it, and that is I why I care so much as to write about what is wrong with it, and why it is so important we address these issues.

What Makes a Country the Best anyways? Literacy rates? Average income level? Military size? Whether it is any one of these, or a combination of the three, it may come to a surprise to many Americans that we do not hold the best records in these categories. In fact, we do not rank first in the world in any of them:

Literacy avg. income military


However, we do have the largest obese adult population, the biggest national debt in the world, and we are ironically the leading contributor of foreign aid in the world.

obesity national debt foreign aid


Again, I exhibit this as a fellow American who deems it necessary to bring about pertinent, current issues that face our nation. Television and media persistently portray America as this ideal country that possesses the freedoms and opportunities that no other country has, and this is why so many Americans do not accept the fact that we are no longer the best. America must realize its faults, and work to improve them, because as of right now, its hubris is causing its downfall.



-graphs were obtained from

-other America photo was from



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